Power factor improvment plant
  Automatic main fallure panel
  Light distribution board
  Change over panel
  Power distribution board
  Motor control panel
  Industrial lights and light fixtures
  Bus bar trunking
  Cable tray
  Bus tie duct
  Street light poles
  Generator canopy
  Flood light Towers


NRI switch gear are manufactured according to latest techniques in manufacturing indoor / outdoor to customer’s requirements.

NRI switch boards are sheet steel, fabricated, totally enclosed, floor mounted, cubical type with air insulated highly conductive copper bus bars. Accessibility from front or rear side with possibility of future extension due to modular design, these switch boards have less erection cost and coating.

The following items are being manufactured presently and continues are made with the increase in demand.

•LT Panel switch board of all types
•Power factor improvement plant
•Automatic main failure panel
•Light distribution board
•Change over panel
•Power distribution board
• Motor control panel

•Industrial lights and light fixtures
•Bus bar turning
•Cable tray
•Bus tie duct
•Street light poles
•Generator canopy
•Flood light towers