Power factor improvment plant
  Automatic main fallure panel
  Light distribution board
  Change over panel
  Power distribution bard
  Motor control panel
  Industrial lights and light fixtures
  Bus bar trunking
  Cable tray
  Bus tie duct
  Street light poles
  Generator canopy
  Flood light Towers

We are pleased to avail this opportunity to introduce our industry as an Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer. It is our pleasure to mention that we are listed / pre qualified as a manufacturer with various Government and Semi-Government departments and have executed / completed several items of work successfully.

N.R INDUSTRIES has been producing quality panels for a wide variety of industrial applications since 1990. What makes us a unique company is that from the beginning, our guiding principles have always given full satisfaction to our esteemed clients.

We are experienced Electrical Engineers and have always given excellent results to our clients.We know to be the most reliable in the industry. We pride ourselves in high quality for the electrical panels industry and strive to achieve high standard of

professionalism at most competitive rates, on time, excellent services and by enforcing stringent quality control measures and cost-effective procedures during all phases of project execution.....more>>

  A Conveniently Confligured & Dimensiond Control Desk is Equipped With The Control /Protection Devices & Mimic diagrams. more>>
  In the A.C power networks the total power supplied to a load is much more than the actual power consumed more>>
  Power Distribution Board is fed from the Main Power Distribution Panel & strategically more>>  
  Lighting Distribution Board is manufactured for recessed of suface mounting and equipped with Miniature Circuit Breakers(MCB's). more>>

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